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Paleo Bet June 6, 2011

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Hi all!

I’m sure I will get used to introducing blogs within the next few weeks but right now, it feels awkward!  Anyway, today my boyfriend and I started a little competition between the two of us.

“Jump on it…”

We are two crazzzzzzzy kids!

Keith and I started dating a little over a year ago and we both love to go out to eat and have a  drink or two or three or four…yeah, you get the point.  Well these fun activities aren’t so fun for our bodies and we both aren’t too happy with our appearances lately.  Being our competitive selves (I just whooped his booty at air hockey last week!  But shhhhhhh because he doesn’t like to admit a girl can beat him) we decided we would each set our own goals, a date, and rewards.  We are both trying to eat Paleo.  There are a ton of websites and books on Paleo and a fav blogger of mine Cely (I LOVE Reese’s too, that’s how I found her page!) is also doing the Paleo lifestyle. To give you a short and sweet version of it, it consists of mainly eating protein and veggies.  No beans, no legumes, NO CARBOHYDRATES, and little starch.  Some paleo diehards say that starches like sweet potatoes are okay when eaten sparingly but I will be including them more frequently because I’ll be starting marathon training next week and I am super nervous that I will not have enough energy for my runs.  If

I will share my goal with you:

Current Waist Measurement: 33 inches————-Goal Waist Measurement:  30 inches

For the first month, this is what I am focusing on.  I did get on the scale and Keith took a look.  I do not want to go by the number on the scale because I don’t want to become obsessed with that number because it is not true to your body composition.  I have also had obsessive issues with the scale last year and did some damage to my body by restricting calories like crazy (I will be sure to post about that sometime soon).

So far today has been a success and I feel great.

I will let you in on an interesting fact about my boyfriend, he used to be my personal trainer!  That is how we met. 

Tickets to the gun show?
He is the reason for these beauties! 😉



He still trains me on the side but I no longer work out at the gym that he works at.  People think it’s funny that he is my trainer but yet we both struggle with body issues.  It just goes to show that no one is perfect and anyone can have insecurities about themselves.

Anyway,  I am determined to beat him because my reward is a weekend in my favorite place……..

Baltimore Inner Harbor


 I will keep you posted on this little rivalry!

Sometimes a little motivation is all I need and this is definitly great motivation!  No matter who wins or lose I will still love him!

Speaking of training….I am off to the gym so Keith can train my legs!  Farewell for now!



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