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About to be a Godmother!!! June 7, 2011

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Jessica’s Baby Shower in April

 The Baby in that belly is about to finally show his little face!

I received a phone call from Jessica at around 4:30 p.m. today telling me that her doctor is going to induce her because her blood pressure is high but the baby is okay.  She is due June 19th so she isn’t too far ahead of schedule.  Dominick will be making his way into the world today or tomorrow!  It’s too bad that she lives in Maryland so I will not be able to see her and my Godson until next weekend. I can’t wait to hold him when he will only be 8 or 9 days old when I get the chance to!  I LOVE little ones and I was ecstatic when Jessica and her husband AJ asked me to be the godmother.  Jessica and I have only been friends for a few years but we grew close quickly!  It seems like it was just yesterday when Jess and AJ got married!

Gorgeous Bride!!Mr. and Mrs.

Yep, the groom is wearing converse.  At the reception, the bride and bridesmaids wore pink converse! 🙂  It was a stylish wedding!

Awesome Wedding Cake!


Sweet Bridesmaids Gifts!

I will definitely be posting pictures!

In other news…I finally found a few pictures from my first half marathon in May!  Of course, they aren’t the most flattering but I am super proud and seeing them makes me even more pumped for my first full in October!

My sister and I!"I can do it....I can do it...I can do it!"


I was so proud!My hunny and I

I start my marathon training program next week because I will be 18 weeks out from the Baltimore Marathon!  I still can’t believe I am going to be running 26.2 in a few months!  I definitely remember the words “no way” coming out of my mouth when someone used to ask “are you ever going to run a marathon?”  I guess it’s the Runner’s High that keeps me going.  I’m still trying to convince my sister to run it with me.  We will see about that…she just started running a few months ago and I’m hoping she gets bit my the running bug too!
Have a great night everyone!

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