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He’s Here & About Me! June 8, 2011

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Dominick-My Godson!
Dominick came into the world at 1:58 this morning and weighed 7lbs 6 oz’s!
I haven’t spoken to the new mommy yet on the phone, just a few text messages this morning.  You will surely be seeing a gazillion more pictures of him soon.  I will be going to see him June 17th-19th.  Can’t wait to hold him! 🙂
On to other things, we had a half day today because of the heat!  Crazy!  I never would have thought that they would have called it but they did.  It’s supposed to be hotter tomorrow so I wonder if there will be another one tomorrow.  We actually only have 5 full scheduled days and 5 scheduled half days left.  Yippee!  I will be tutoring some children over the summer to be making extra cash.
So I figured I would take today’s post to tell you a little bit about me. 

Me eating my first oyster in Boston!

 I am a 26 year old red-head living in Central Jersey.  I teach 3rd grade but am currently uncertain about my future.  I am a dreamer and have a lot of hopes and dreams.  I have a lot of hobbies but my one true passion right now is running.  I have had a few trials and tribulation during my running journey.  For instance, I was actually hit by a car a few months ago while jogging.  Luckily I was only bruised and had to take a few weeks off.  Those few weeks were the hardest weeks of my life.  All I wanted to do was run!  I am all healed now and will be starting marathon training next week for my first marathon on October 18th.  I will actually be training for the marathon in Vibram Five Fingers.
I have had a lot of issues with my feet (blisters, flat arches, pain in ankles) and I am hoping that these help me run pain free.  I will keep you posted!

My Twin sister and I!

Yes!  I have a twin sister.  Her name is Allison and we currently share an apartment together.  We are 2 complete opposites which most people cannot believe.  Our careers are completely different, our music interests, hobbies.  We share mostly the same friends but we each have a few separate friends.  She has started running and I am hopping she catches the running bug too so I can have a running partner.

Keith and I

I’ve already told you a little bit about my boyfriend Keith.  We’ve been dating for a little over a year and he is the best boyfriend a girl can ask for!  He would do anything for me at the drop of a dime and there aren’t too many men around that would do that.  We have so much fun together when we hang out and very rarely argue.  In fact, I can remember the few times we have argued.  One being the time we tried to cook together and he kept asking questions because he had no idea what to do and I was getting so frustrated because I’m used to cooking on my own.  (I think he needs to let me do the cooking and he can keep picking out the wine!)
Speaking of wine….I LOVE IT!  I love going to wine festivals, tastings, and wineries.  As I mentioned above, Keith loves to pick out wine by selecting the bottle with the coolest label! I’ve even gotten my mom and Keith into going to festivals with me!

My mom and I ate a winery in NJ!

My mom and dad are great parents who are very supportive of my sister and I.  Although we don’t live together, I can’t seem to keep myself away from their house everyday! 🙂  I look up to both of them because of how they have lived their lives.

My dad, sister, and I

 My dad races an old malibu wagon at the track.


 I also have a ton of great friends in my life!  I am incredibly grateful for them!  I went through a rough relationship a few years ago and was engaged to be married when 2 months before I decided he wasn’t the right person for me and called off the wedding.  With all of the crap I went through during the relationship, all of my girlfriends stood by me and were so proud of me for standing up for myself and doing what I knew was right for me.  I love every single one of them!!

Kate and I



Meridith and I in Miami


I love these ladies!

Noelle and I

Okay, I will stop posting a million pictures!  I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and hope you continue reading my blog!


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