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Almost Done! June 15, 2011

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Last full day of school for the kids today.  Tomorrow starts half days (for them, not teachers) until the 22nd and then WE are free!

I’ve got so many things going on the next few weeks.  For starters, this weekend I am heading down to Maryland to see my new Godson.

I can’t wait to hold him and take a million pictures!!!!

Then, I’m heading down to Florida on the 23rd to see my BFF for a few days and to take her on a little girl trip!  She (WE!) need it!

South Beach!

This is what happened the last time I was down and we spent a night in Miami!  I Love her!
I will be in Florida till the 28th.  A week after I come back from Florida I will be heading to Baltimore for 2 nights with this crazy girl!


Jackie and I have known each other since middle school but lost touch about a year ago and have recently reconnected!  I missed her!  Can’t wait to spend a few days in my favorite city with someone as crazy and fun as her!  We’ve only hung out once since we reconnected but we have already talked about trips together and she even agreed to do a Mud Run with me!  Woohoo! Someone as crazy as I!

After Baltimore, on July 16th, I will be heading down the shore with my parents (mostly my mom b/c my dad will be working) for a week in Ocean Beach where they rented a house.  Ocean Beach is a small shore community near Seaside (made famous by the Jersey Shore) and my parents have been renting cottages down there since I was born.  When my sister and I got older they stopped but have decided to continue the tradition.  The houses are small but there is NOTHING better than having all of your family and friends crammed in these cottages and BBQing and Beaching it up all week.


I can’t wait to continue this tradition with my kids some day!

Last, Keith and I may be heading to Mexico in August!  No details on that yet but I will be certain to share the news when I found!  Once I get back from Mexico (if we go)  I will be preparing for my new position next year as a 3rd grade ASI teacher.  I will be going into the 3rd grade classrooms and helping students that tested below proficiency on the state testing.  I’m very excited for the new challenge.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about getting a degree/certification in nutrition/health/wellness.  I’ve started researching but am nervous about all of these online schools that are around now.  If anyone has any info for me, please share!!!  

Before I head off to work,  I was supposed to start marathon training yesterday for the Baltimore Marathon in October but I have been having a weird pain in my foot for over a week.  I havent ran and have only done what doesn’t bother it.  I’m so frustrated and made a doctor appointment for next Wednesday.  I just hope I can get running soon because I am not missing this Marathon and will have a lot of catching up to do!!

Have a great day everyone!



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