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I’m leaving on a jet plane… June 28, 2011

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Well, my trip to Florida is over. Well, almost. I’m currently in PBI airport sipping a Blue Moon! Yum! I just finished a salad and a glass of merlot. My flight is delayed so I’m making the most out of my last few hours here and having a few beverages. I don’t mind the delay…as of now..because its only 45 minutes. I just hope it doesn’t get any later. Its already a nuisance that I’m flying into LGA instead of EWR. But this flight was so much cheaper. I can’t wait to see Keith! And my family.
Its not so hard leaving Florida this time since Meri will be moving up to Jersey in August! Yay! Can’t wait to have her there whenever I need her.
Of course, heading back to Jersey has already caused my mind to go back to overdrive again. Thinking about bills, jobs, moving, etc.
I am the type of person whose mind NEVER stops. I am constantly thinking, moving, going…
My boyfriend hates it. He is so laid back and I am the complete opposite. Maybe that’s why we r so good together. He has to force me to chill out. I can’t stand watching TV. If the weather is nice, I wanna be outside doing something, ANYTHING! When Keith and I started dating, all he did was sleep! I couldn’t stand it! He still does it, but not as often. I’ve gotten him out on the weekends to go hiking, jogging, wine tasting….I will do anything but sleep or watch TV! I feel like its a waste of time…unless its raining or I’m sick…..those r the only excuses! Life is too short to sit around and waste a singler second! Your life could end tomorrow, or someone you know could be gone tomorrow!
Would you rather spend your last 5 minutes sleeping or laughing with your BFF?
Which gets me onto another topic….but I will leave that to my next post. Here’s a question to give you a hint….
Would you rather spend 50 bucks on a new shirt/pants/outfit/accesory/etc. Or would you rather spend 50 bucks out to dinner and drinks with your friends/family/significant other laughing your ass off?
See you in NJ!

Sprinkles make everything better!

Sprinkles make everything better!

peanut butter cupcake!!!

peanut butter cupcake!!!

strawberry margaritas at wet willys!

strawberry margaritas at wet willys!



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