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Weekend & MEMORIES!! July 2, 2011

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Hello Readers! (If I have any!)

Happy 4th of July Weekend!  Although I have the summer off (not bragging) I am sure many of you are enjoying your long weekends.  The past few days have been busy busy busy.  Yesterday started off at the beach while drinking a couple of these….

mmmm Kettle One vodka and Fresh OJ!

After several of those I came home to get ready for a Dove Chocolate Demonstration that I was hosting!  Best demonstration ever.  I consumed a ton of this….


Chocolate was consumed in all formed….chocolate fondue, chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate martinis, brownies, pb chocolate truffles, chipotle chocolate, chocolate balsamic vinegar……..

To wash down my chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, I consumed a few glasses of….


After that I had a belly ache!  I went out with some girlfriends after anyway to enjoy their company and they had some drinks and food while I sipped on some water.  Didn’t feel like drinking or eating anymore!

I am finally getting on the path back to running!  I did about 2.5 miles with my sister on Thursday and the foot was okay.  It was a little sore but I took it easy.  I rested yesterday and this morning I did about 3.5 miles on a new trail I found right next to my neighborhood!  I can’t believe I have been living here for a year and a half and just found this a few weeks ago…

Running trail in my neighborhood

It was super peaceful and quiet.  I think that the township is still working on it because at certain points there was construction but I can’t wait till it’s finished because it’s so much safer than the streets.  I don’t know if I would run it at night though because it’s not lit and it’s pretty secluded.  I had a little bit of discomfort in my foot but nothing major.  I am really hoping that by next week I can pick up on my marathon training schedule.  I can’t believe that in a little over 3 months I will be running 26.2 miles!  I was thinking on my run today about maybe looking into a coach that could help me with my running because I feel like I am always injured or sore and I feel that it’s holding me back.  Gotta look into that.

Anyway,  In my post the other day I asked this question:  “Would you rather spend 50 bucks on a new shirt/pants/outfit/accessory/etc. Or would you rather spend 50 bucks out to dinner and drinks with your friends/family/significant other laughing your ass off?”

I see and hear about how a lot of people spend money on material things…..clothes, jewelry, cell phones, purses, etc. which is all fine and dandy but do those materialistic things give you true happiness?  Do you they give you memories that you will remember for the rest of your life?  This topic came to my mind the other day when I was having dinner with a friend.  I was talking about how I never buy clothes, purses, jewelry, whatever for myself all that often.  If I buy anything, it’s something I need.  Like a new pair of running sneakers or essentials.  Instead,  I try to save some money for future vacations and I realize that I tend to go out a lot with my girlfriends, boyfriend, and family.  This is where I probably spend a decent amount of money. Some people might say that I shouldn’t be spending money on dinners and drinks out but I disagree.  I don’t go out drinking and out to eat every single night.  Mostly on the weekends during the school year and maybe a little more frequently during the summer.  But in my opinion, these are the things I will remember for the rest of my life!  Not clothes, jewelry, and purses!  I am going to remember….







Okay, I could go on forever with my favorite memories.   My point is:  We live for the moments that we will remember forever, not the objects that we eventually toss away!



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