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Happiness July 17, 2011

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Hello friends!
I am currently on my way home from a day at the Jersey Shore. My parents rented a house in Ocean Beach/Lavalette for the week so Keith and I came down last night so we could spend the day there. He has work at 7:30 tomorrow morning and I’ve gotta tutor at 11 a.m. So I am heading home with him now and hitching a ride back down tomorrow night with Kate. Ill be staying down the rest of the week but Kate is coming down for a few days.
Today was a pretty good day. I ran 9 miles this morning. I had 10 on my training schedule but it was super hot and I ran out of water. No sense in dehydrating myself over a silly mile. Fortunately, Keith kept me busy the rest of the day. We spend a half an hour kayaking which was a sweet arm workout. We spend the afternoon at the waterpark having fun on the rides like we were 10 yrs old. After the waterpark we had ice cream (yum!) And had a nice dinner with my family and family friends.

The title of my post has been on my mind lately. Happiness. What is happiness? How do you know when you are completely happy with your life and relationships?
Everyone wants to be happy. Its the only thing I want from life. Yet I’m so scared that I’m going to end up in a “less then happy” situation. I don’t want to settle but I am the type of person that doubts every decision I make. I am so unsure of myself. Sometimes I don’t even know what makes me happy. Sometimes I feel like wine and chocolate are the only things that make me happy. (HA!) Oh yeah, peanut butter and kittens too! :). But honestly, how will we know when we are truly 100% happy?

What makes you happy?

My non-human best friend!

My non-human best friend!



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