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Almost Done! June 15, 2011

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Last full day of school for the kids today.  Tomorrow starts half days (for them, not teachers) until the 22nd and then WE are free!

I’ve got so many things going on the next few weeks.  For starters, this weekend I am heading down to Maryland to see my new Godson.

I can’t wait to hold him and take a million pictures!!!!

Then, I’m heading down to Florida on the 23rd to see my BFF for a few days and to take her on a little girl trip!  She (WE!) need it!

South Beach!

This is what happened the last time I was down and we spent a night in Miami!  I Love her!
I will be in Florida till the 28th.  A week after I come back from Florida I will be heading to Baltimore for 2 nights with this crazy girl!


Jackie and I have known each other since middle school but lost touch about a year ago and have recently reconnected!  I missed her!  Can’t wait to spend a few days in my favorite city with someone as crazy and fun as her!  We’ve only hung out once since we reconnected but we have already talked about trips together and she even agreed to do a Mud Run with me!  Woohoo! Someone as crazy as I!

After Baltimore, on July 16th, I will be heading down the shore with my parents (mostly my mom b/c my dad will be working) for a week in Ocean Beach where they rented a house.  Ocean Beach is a small shore community near Seaside (made famous by the Jersey Shore) and my parents have been renting cottages down there since I was born.  When my sister and I got older they stopped but have decided to continue the tradition.  The houses are small but there is NOTHING better than having all of your family and friends crammed in these cottages and BBQing and Beaching it up all week.


I can’t wait to continue this tradition with my kids some day!

Last, Keith and I may be heading to Mexico in August!  No details on that yet but I will be certain to share the news when I found!  Once I get back from Mexico (if we go)  I will be preparing for my new position next year as a 3rd grade ASI teacher.  I will be going into the 3rd grade classrooms and helping students that tested below proficiency on the state testing.  I’m very excited for the new challenge.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about getting a degree/certification in nutrition/health/wellness.  I’ve started researching but am nervous about all of these online schools that are around now.  If anyone has any info for me, please share!!!  

Before I head off to work,  I was supposed to start marathon training yesterday for the Baltimore Marathon in October but I have been having a weird pain in my foot for over a week.  I havent ran and have only done what doesn’t bother it.  I’m so frustrated and made a doctor appointment for next Wednesday.  I just hope I can get running soon because I am not missing this Marathon and will have a lot of catching up to do!!

Have a great day everyone!


Why do you blog? June 9, 2011

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It’s almost Friday!  Woohoo! 

So, I’ve been blogging for a few days and today when I sat down today to write my post I realized that I never established what type of blog this would be.  I never really thought I would have to claim an official type for my blog.  Do I have to?  I’m not so sure that this blog will focus on one specific thing.  I’m pretty sure it will contain a mixture of topics.  For example, I am beginning training for my first marathon and I love running but I don’t think I am educated enough in running to base my blog on it.  Also, I have committed to maintain a healthy way of eating by taking in mostly natural, unprocessed foods but I am nowhere near a nutritionist and would never base my blog on healthy eating.  Plus, I can’t see myself taking pictures of every meal.  My everyday eating is farely boring except for the occasional splurges! Like these…….

Those are just a few of my favorites! 🙂  Anyway, this blog is more than likely going to be a mixture of my favorite things…running, other fitness activities, healthy eating, some splurges, my hopes and dreams, my strengths and weaknesses, and a little bit of everything in between.

So hears my question to any readers I may have, if you do blog, why do you blog?

I decided to start my blog a few days ago for a few reasons.  1)  I found myself constantly reading other blogs and really enjoying them and being able to relate to them.  2) I don’t have too many friends and family members that are obsessed with running and healthy eating as I am so I don’t have many others around me to connect with on those subjects.  3)  I think it will be a great way for me to share all of the things I would love to be able to share with my family and friends, yet those that are reading my blog are obviously interested in hearing it and my friends and family may not be so much!

Have a good night lovies!  Stay cool!

He’s Here & About Me! June 8, 2011

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Dominick-My Godson!
Dominick came into the world at 1:58 this morning and weighed 7lbs 6 oz’s!
I haven’t spoken to the new mommy yet on the phone, just a few text messages this morning.  You will surely be seeing a gazillion more pictures of him soon.  I will be going to see him June 17th-19th.  Can’t wait to hold him! 🙂
On to other things, we had a half day today because of the heat!  Crazy!  I never would have thought that they would have called it but they did.  It’s supposed to be hotter tomorrow so I wonder if there will be another one tomorrow.  We actually only have 5 full scheduled days and 5 scheduled half days left.  Yippee!  I will be tutoring some children over the summer to be making extra cash.
So I figured I would take today’s post to tell you a little bit about me. 

Me eating my first oyster in Boston!

 I am a 26 year old red-head living in Central Jersey.  I teach 3rd grade but am currently uncertain about my future.  I am a dreamer and have a lot of hopes and dreams.  I have a lot of hobbies but my one true passion right now is running.  I have had a few trials and tribulation during my running journey.  For instance, I was actually hit by a car a few months ago while jogging.  Luckily I was only bruised and had to take a few weeks off.  Those few weeks were the hardest weeks of my life.  All I wanted to do was run!  I am all healed now and will be starting marathon training next week for my first marathon on October 18th.  I will actually be training for the marathon in Vibram Five Fingers.
I have had a lot of issues with my feet (blisters, flat arches, pain in ankles) and I am hoping that these help me run pain free.  I will keep you posted!

My Twin sister and I!

Yes!  I have a twin sister.  Her name is Allison and we currently share an apartment together.  We are 2 complete opposites which most people cannot believe.  Our careers are completely different, our music interests, hobbies.  We share mostly the same friends but we each have a few separate friends.  She has started running and I am hopping she catches the running bug too so I can have a running partner.

Keith and I

I’ve already told you a little bit about my boyfriend Keith.  We’ve been dating for a little over a year and he is the best boyfriend a girl can ask for!  He would do anything for me at the drop of a dime and there aren’t too many men around that would do that.  We have so much fun together when we hang out and very rarely argue.  In fact, I can remember the few times we have argued.  One being the time we tried to cook together and he kept asking questions because he had no idea what to do and I was getting so frustrated because I’m used to cooking on my own.  (I think he needs to let me do the cooking and he can keep picking out the wine!)
Speaking of wine….I LOVE IT!  I love going to wine festivals, tastings, and wineries.  As I mentioned above, Keith loves to pick out wine by selecting the bottle with the coolest label! I’ve even gotten my mom and Keith into going to festivals with me!

My mom and I ate a winery in NJ!

My mom and dad are great parents who are very supportive of my sister and I.  Although we don’t live together, I can’t seem to keep myself away from their house everyday! 🙂  I look up to both of them because of how they have lived their lives.

My dad, sister, and I

 My dad races an old malibu wagon at the track.


 I also have a ton of great friends in my life!  I am incredibly grateful for them!  I went through a rough relationship a few years ago and was engaged to be married when 2 months before I decided he wasn’t the right person for me and called off the wedding.  With all of the crap I went through during the relationship, all of my girlfriends stood by me and were so proud of me for standing up for myself and doing what I knew was right for me.  I love every single one of them!!

Kate and I



Meridith and I in Miami


I love these ladies!

Noelle and I

Okay, I will stop posting a million pictures!  I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and hope you continue reading my blog!

About to be a Godmother!!! June 7, 2011

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Jessica’s Baby Shower in April

 The Baby in that belly is about to finally show his little face!

I received a phone call from Jessica at around 4:30 p.m. today telling me that her doctor is going to induce her because her blood pressure is high but the baby is okay.  She is due June 19th so she isn’t too far ahead of schedule.  Dominick will be making his way into the world today or tomorrow!  It’s too bad that she lives in Maryland so I will not be able to see her and my Godson until next weekend. I can’t wait to hold him when he will only be 8 or 9 days old when I get the chance to!  I LOVE little ones and I was ecstatic when Jessica and her husband AJ asked me to be the godmother.  Jessica and I have only been friends for a few years but we grew close quickly!  It seems like it was just yesterday when Jess and AJ got married!

Gorgeous Bride!!Mr. and Mrs.

Yep, the groom is wearing converse.  At the reception, the bride and bridesmaids wore pink converse! 🙂  It was a stylish wedding!

Awesome Wedding Cake!


Sweet Bridesmaids Gifts!

I will definitely be posting pictures!

In other news…I finally found a few pictures from my first half marathon in May!  Of course, they aren’t the most flattering but I am super proud and seeing them makes me even more pumped for my first full in October!

My sister and I!"I can do it....I can do it...I can do it!"


I was so proud!My hunny and I

I start my marathon training program next week because I will be 18 weeks out from the Baltimore Marathon!  I still can’t believe I am going to be running 26.2 in a few months!  I definitely remember the words “no way” coming out of my mouth when someone used to ask “are you ever going to run a marathon?”  I guess it’s the Runner’s High that keeps me going.  I’m still trying to convince my sister to run it with me.  We will see about that…she just started running a few months ago and I’m hoping she gets bit my the running bug too!
Have a great night everyone!

Paleo Bet June 6, 2011

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Hi all!

I’m sure I will get used to introducing blogs within the next few weeks but right now, it feels awkward!  Anyway, today my boyfriend and I started a little competition between the two of us.

“Jump on it…”

We are two crazzzzzzzy kids!

Keith and I started dating a little over a year ago and we both love to go out to eat and have a  drink or two or three or four…yeah, you get the point.  Well these fun activities aren’t so fun for our bodies and we both aren’t too happy with our appearances lately.  Being our competitive selves (I just whooped his booty at air hockey last week!  But shhhhhhh because he doesn’t like to admit a girl can beat him) we decided we would each set our own goals, a date, and rewards.  We are both trying to eat Paleo.  There are a ton of websites and books on Paleo and a fav blogger of mine Cely (I LOVE Reese’s too, that’s how I found her page!) is also doing the Paleo lifestyle. To give you a short and sweet version of it, it consists of mainly eating protein and veggies.  No beans, no legumes, NO CARBOHYDRATES, and little starch.  Some paleo diehards say that starches like sweet potatoes are okay when eaten sparingly but I will be including them more frequently because I’ll be starting marathon training next week and I am super nervous that I will not have enough energy for my runs.  If

I will share my goal with you:

Current Waist Measurement: 33 inches————-Goal Waist Measurement:  30 inches

For the first month, this is what I am focusing on.  I did get on the scale and Keith took a look.  I do not want to go by the number on the scale because I don’t want to become obsessed with that number because it is not true to your body composition.  I have also had obsessive issues with the scale last year and did some damage to my body by restricting calories like crazy (I will be sure to post about that sometime soon).

So far today has been a success and I feel great.

I will let you in on an interesting fact about my boyfriend, he used to be my personal trainer!  That is how we met. 

Tickets to the gun show?
He is the reason for these beauties! 😉



He still trains me on the side but I no longer work out at the gym that he works at.  People think it’s funny that he is my trainer but yet we both struggle with body issues.  It just goes to show that no one is perfect and anyone can have insecurities about themselves.

Anyway,  I am determined to beat him because my reward is a weekend in my favorite place……..

Baltimore Inner Harbor


 I will keep you posted on this little rivalry!

Sometimes a little motivation is all I need and this is definitly great motivation!  No matter who wins or lose I will still love him!

Speaking of training….I am off to the gym so Keith can train my legs!  Farewell for now!


Hello Blog World! June 6, 2011

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My first post in the blog world!  I must say, I am nervous! 🙂 I began reading blogs a few months ago.  A few of my favs include Julie @ www.pbfingers.com/, Meghann @ www.mealsandmiles.com/, Tina @ http://carrotsncake.com/, Angela @ http://ohsheglows.com/, Courtney @ http://www.sweettoothsweetlife.com, Gabriela @ http://www.une-vie-saine.com and about a million more.  I guess I will come up with my first Blog Roll soon because there are way too many to list right now!  Anyway,  I started reading…and now I am addicted!  I spend most of my free time reading them!  I’m pretty sure I like reading them because I can relate a lot to most of the blog readers that I admire.  I have dealt with eating issues, self-esteem/confidence issues, fallen in love with healthy cooking but love to indulge (I have a MAJOR sweet tooth), and my most recent passion…running!  Yeah…I did my first 5K about a year ago and immediately became obsessed.  Friends and family would always ask, “So are you ever going to do a marathon?”  My response to them?  “Helllllll NO!” Well, Guess what?  I am registered for my first marathon on October 15th of this year!  I keep telling myself that I am crazy but I am completely in love with running.  I completed my first half-marathon on May 15th and I incredibly proud of myself!  I could go on for hours but I will not bore you…YET!  I’m not sure what to expect from this new adventure but I’m hoping something BIG!  Spread the word! 😉